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A Primer on the Geo-Political and Religious History of the British Isles

As an avid Anglophile and current resident of England, it irks me to no end when I hear otherwise intelligent, well-read, astute people fumble their way through British political history, religious history, and geography, and the current political and religious climate in the region.

If you have ever wondered what the difference is between Ireland and Scotland, or what the heck Wales is, or what religion is most prevalent in England—or if you have ever talked (or thought) about a “British” accent, then this post is for you!

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9 Fantastic Biscuits and Where to Find Them

Biscuits. In America, the word conjures up memories of fluffy, homemade savory things with a light, crumbly texture, dripping with butter and honey, or maybe slathered with sausage and gravy.

In Britain, it’s a different story altogether. The word “biscuit,” to an Englishman, refers to a small, crispy, lightly sweet treat, somewhat akin to a cookie. (Though the American influence on the culture means that “cookies” are now their own thing in England, too. But that’s a story for another post.)

Most biscuits are not only terribly tasty, but also incredibly cheap so they’re an easy and inexpensive treat suitable for any day of the year. They’re best eaten with your afternoon tea, in which they should be (quickly!) dunked. Don’t have any tea? Well, that’s all right, too—you can just eat them as-is.

But don’t—I repeat, do not eat them with milk. That’s just gross.

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Nottingham Sightseeing Photos

Rachael came to visit from London this week, and we did some sightseeing in Nottingham. It was great fun to see the Castle and eat at The Old Trip to Jerusalem—things I’d been wanting to do for a long time but haven’t gotten around to yet—as well as to walk around looking like tourists, taking pictures of everything we came across. These are my photos of  Nottingham sights. Continue reading Nottingham Sightseeing Photos

Early Medieval Derbyshire

One of the primary reasons I decided to come to England for my PhD was so that I could live in the country where the people I study lived. As a student of Anglo-Saxon language and literature, I’m thrilled anytime I can find a remnant of that society still in this country, as are my fellow students and our supervising faculty members. Last summer (around July 2015), some of them got together to plan a trip around Derbyshire to look at Anglo-Saxon artifacts still extant. Other than manuscripts (which you don’t normally find by the side of the road), these mainly consist of stone carvings and are often preserved in or near churches. This gallery, then, is a collection of photos I took during that trip—though not all of them are of specifically Anglo-Saxon items.