an SLR camera


Photography has long been an interest for me. I have virtually no training in it, but I have taken one summer course through the community education program of a local university and purchased a DSLR as a result of that course. I’m using my time in England as an excuse to take lots of pictures and improve my photography skills.

I currently use a Nikon D3000. I have three lenses:

  • a Nikkor 18–55mm (f3.5–5.6)
  • a Nikkor 50mm (f1.8–22)
  • a Sigma 50–200mm (f4–5.6)

I really only use the Sigma for special events where I know I will want a wide angle. I generally only carry the 18–55mm and the 50mm while I travel. The 50mm is manual only, which I’m still practicing, but I find it really useful for low-light shots. As I become more comfortable with manually focusing, I find that I prefer that lens for most of my photos.

Some Photo Galleries

Some of my best photos are featured in the galleries on this blog. These are some favorites:


tales of an Idaho transplant in the UK