The Christmas Jumper: A Great British Tradition

The Christmas Jumper. It’s a British Christmas tradition. Seriously, everywhere you go in Britain at Christmastime, you will see people dressed in these incredible jumpers (BritSpeak for sweaters) that are specifically designed for Christmas and really cannot be worn any other time of year.


Granted, Christmas parties (or “do’s”) are a pretty big deal here, and everyone has at least three to go to, between work and church and social clubs and whatnot. So they get several opportunities to wear those jumpers, and if they’re really lucky they might even have one or two do’s with a “Best Christmas Jumper” prize.

Still, it strikes me as a uniquely British tradition to seek out the busiest, most obnoxious sweater you can find to celebrate the Christmas season.

These masterpieces range from classy:


to festive:


to cute:


to silly:



to creative:


to cheeky:


to obnoxious:


to just plain tacky:


In a very British kind of sensibility, these jumpers are intentionally “ugly” and loud, in a Cosby-Show kind of way, and people love them. Even the Scrooges of the land at least smile and enjoy these jumpers on others, even if they don’t wear them themselves.

So to celebrate a real, proper British Christmas, it’s absolutely necessary to acquire at least one ugly Christmas jumper. Go out and find yours today!


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