Photo Stream II

It’s time for another installment of Photo Stream! In April and May 2015, here’s what I took photos of.


While visiting Durham, I couldn’t help snapping a few pics of the daffodils in bloom on the steep hillside leading to the train station:

daffodils in Durham
Daffodils in Durham. © 2015 by Katrina Wilkins.

And the train station, which just looked so … quaint and lovely and pretty:

Durham train station
Durham train station. © 2015 by Katrina Wilkins.


Not to mention, the Victorian pillar box (note the VR) next to the Cathedral. Pillar boxes (used for posting mail) are all marked with the crest of the reigning monarch at the time when the box is built/erected. It’s kind of fun to check them and find really old ones. So far, this is the oldest I’ve found.

VR pillar box
VR pillar box in Durham. © 2015 by Katrina Wilkins.

Meanwhile, I was really enjoying springtime around the university. My first view of the university campus was The Downs, a stretch of fields that are left to their natural vegetation during the summer (and studied for the information they provide about local ecology). I was staying in Derby Hall, one of the university halls of residence, for the International Welcome Week, and when I had settled into my room, I went out to have a little walk to help combat the jet-lag. So, this view was pretty much my first experience of the university (that’s Derby Hall in the background):

Derby Hall
Derby Hall and The Downs, University of Nottingham. © 2015 by Katrina Wilkins.

That branch hanging down is pretty awesome, huh? That’s why I took another picture of it:

Branches at The Downs, University of Nottingham. © 2015 by Katrina Wilkins.

And finally … Way back in, like, February, my brother asked me about Cadbury’s Pots of Joy. I had never heard of them, but his church choir director had mentioned them, and I’d been searching for them ever since. I figured they’d be around for Easter, but it wasn’t until after the holiday was already over that I finally found them in the shops:

Cadbury's Pots of Joy
Cadbury’s Pots of Joy. © 2015 by Katrina Wilkins.
Cadbury's Pots of Joy, opened
Cadbury’s Pots of Joy, opened. © 2015 by Katrina Wilkins.







They’re kind of like Cadbury Creme Eggs in pudding form. Not as good as a creme egg, in my humble opinion, but there you have it!


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